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Continuing Education Credits

These portions of the meeting have been accredited for Continuing Education credits.

Keynote Speakers

Deborah L. Best

Culture in the Classroom: Surprising Students with Realities of the Global World

Millennials may be more aware of global aspects of today’s world than were past generations, but they often do not think about how culture affects their every day lives. Indeed, much of current research in the social sciences continues to be conducted using WEIRD populations, with the underlying assumption that there are no important differences in people and their behaviors around the globe. Weaving culture into teaching can expand students’ awareness of cultural practices within different ecological frameworks, perhaps increasing students’ appreciation of the complexity of human behavior. Indeed, cultural and developmental processes are constantly intertwined, and the enculturation and socialization of children are fundamental means of cultural transmission across all societies. Given that children are perhaps the world’s most important resource and they literally are the future, it is important to understand the relation between culture and human development. Ways to add culture to teaching psychology courses, particularly focusing upon developmental processes, will be discussed.

Julie Ann Washington

Information for Students

There are events organized especially for students:

  1. Happy Hour on Thursday, February 14 (first drink and appetizers on SCCR!)
  2. Saturday Morning Mentoring/Networking Breakfast (free for students!)

Check back here for more details, or contact Amanda Faherty (Student Committee Chair) at for more information.