Darrin Magee

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Joined the faculty in 2007

Ph.D. University of Washington, 2006
M.A., University of Washington, 1998
B.S., Louisiana State University, 1994
B.A., Louisiana State University, 1994

Director, HWS Asian Environmental Studies Initiative

Current Scholarly Interests
Energy, Water, and Environment in China
Large-Scale Hydropower in China and Mainland Southeast Asia
Trade in Waste
Geographies of Waste and Garbage
Energy Geographies
Water Pollution and Infrastructure in China

Previous Teaching Experience
Human Geography and Italian Language, Colorado Mountain College
Mathematics, Roaring Fork High School
Chinese Language and Computer Applications, Louisiana School for Math, Science, & Arts

Other Experience
China Project Associate, Rocky Mountain Institute (Snowmass, Colorado)
China Study Tour Leader, National Consortium for Teaching about Asia
Executive Director, National Youth Science Foundation

Courses Taught
Environment and Development in East Asia
Geography of Garbage
Human Geography
Senior Integrative Experience
Topics in Environmental Studies: Energy
Topics in Environmental Studies: Water

Recent Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals:

Tullos, Desiree, Philip. H. Brown, Kelly Kibler, Darrin Magee, Bryan Tilt, Aaron Wolf. (2010). Perspectives on the salience and magnitude of dam impacts for hydro development scenarios in China. Water Alternatives 3(2), 71-90.

Brown, Philip, Desiree Tullos, Bryan Tilt, Darrin Magee, and Aaron Wolf. (2009). "Modeling the costs and benefits of dam construction from a multidisciplinary perspective." Journal of Environmental Management 90 (Supp. 3), pp. S303-311.

McNally, Amy, Darrin Magee, and Aaron Wolf. (2009) "Hydropower and Sustainability: Resilience and Vulnerability in China's Powersheds." Journal of Environmental Management 90 (Supp. 3), pp. S286-S293.

Magee, Darrin and Kristen McDonald. (2009/2006*). "Beyond Three Gorges: Nu River Hydropower and Energy Decision Politics in China." Asian Geographer 25(1-2), pp. 39-60. (*Published in 2009 but dated 2006 in order to fit with publication cycle.)

Brown, Philip, Darrin Magee, Yilin Xu. (2008). "Socioeconomic vulnerability in China's hydropower development." China Economic Review 19 (4), pp. 614-627.

Magee, Darrin. (2006). "Powershed Politics: Yunnan Hydropower under Great Western Development." The China Quarterly 185, pp. 23-41.

He, Daming, Yan Feng, Shu Gan, Darrin Magee, and Weiyong You. (2006). "Transboundary hydrological effects of dam construction on the Lancang River." Chinese Science Bulletin, 51(Supp 16-24).

Book Chapters:

Magee, Darrin. (forthcoming) "Last-ditch Effort? China's South-to-North Water Transfer" In Brunn, Stanley (Ed.), Engineering Earth: The Impacts of Megaengineering Projects (Kluwer).

Magee, Darrin and Shawn Kelley. (2009) "Damming the Salween River." In Molle, Francois, Pech Sokhem, Tira Foran, and Mira Kakonen (Eds.), Shaping Waterscapes in the Mekong Region (London: Earthscan).

Magee, Darrin. (2007) "Rewiring Large-scale Hydropower: Reforms and Restructuring." In Schumacher-Voelker, Emma and Brigitte Mueller (Eds.), BusinessFocus China: Energy (Shanghai: German Industry and Commerce), pp. 152-159.

Book & Film Reviews:

Magee, Darrin (2009). Review of Yung Chang, "Up the Yangtze" (documentary film). In Asian Educational Media Service.

Magee, Darrin. (December 2008). Review of N. Okamoto and T. Ihara (Eds.), Spatial Structure and Regional Development in China: An Interregional Input-Output Approach. In Regional Studies vol. 42 no. 10, pp. 1401-1403.

Magee, Darrin. (March 2008). Review of Steven Erie (with Harold Brackman), Beyond Chinatown: The Metropolitan Water District, Growth, and the Environment in Southern California. In Regional Studies vol. 42 no. 2, pp. 298-299.

Magee, Darrin. (May 2006). Review of Karl S. Zimmerer and Thomas J. Bassett (eds.), Political Ecology: An Integrative Approach to Geography and Environment-Development Studies.. In Regional Studies vol. 40 no. 3, pp. 428-429.

Magee, Darrin. (July 2005). Review of Lu Ding and William Neilson (eds.), China's West Region Development: Domestic Strategies and Global Implications. In Regional Studies vol. 39 no. 5., pp. 674-675.

Research Reports & Conference Proceedings

Feng, Yan and Darrin Magee (2009). "Hyolitical Vulnerability and Resilience in International River Basins in China." In Hyolitical Vulnerability and Resilience along International Waters: Europe, North America and Asia. United Nations Environment Programme.

Magee, Darrin. (March 2005). The Science of China's Hydropower. Conference Proceedings: Role of Water Sciences in Transboundary River Basin Management (Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand).

He, Daming, Weiyong You, & Darrin Magee. (March 2005). Correlation and Multi-Timescale Characteristics of the Lancang River's Monthly Flow Variations in Yunnan. Conference Proceedings: Role of Water Sciences in Transboundary River Basin Management (Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand).

Other Publications:

Magee, Darrin. "China's Water Blues," Seattle Times 5 May 2010: A8.

Lovins, Amory, E. Kyle Datta, Odd-Even Bustnes, Jonathan G. Koomey, Nathan J. Glasgow. Winning the Oil Endgame (Chinese edition, Aris Yi and Darrin Magee translation review). Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2009.

Magee, Darrin. "When 'Away' is 'Here': Consuming, discarding, and landfills in the back yard," Geneva13 9, Summer 2009.

Magee, Darrin. "To Build or Not to Build: Rural Dams, Urban Development, and Decision Making," Chengshi Zhongguo (Urban China) 20, Summer 2009: 50-53 (in Chinese).

Magee, Darrin. "Business Scales," The Asian Wall Street Journal 24 December 1997: 8.

Magee, Darrin. "For Hong Kong's Software Pirates, Christmas Is a Customs Crackdown," The Asian Wall Street Journal 24 December 1997: 1.

Magee, Darrin. "Labor Issues: Officials Mull Program to Bring Mainland Managers to Hong Kong," The Asian Wall Street Journal 1 December 1997: 2.

Magee, Darrin and Kate Pound Dawson. "A Look Backward" The Asian Wall Street Journal 29 December 1997: 2.

Heim, Kristi, Darrin Magee, Yu Wong and Kate Pound Dawson. "Take Cover: It's Not Over Yet: The Peg Is Secure, Experts Insist, But It Can't Hurt to Be Prepared," The Asian Wall Street Journal 27 October 1997: 1.

Johnson, Ian and Robert S. Greenberger (Darrin Magee contributing). "Returning Chinese Students Are Becoming 'Vital Link' With America and Its Mores" The Asian Wall Street Journal 5 November 1997: 14.

Johnson, Ian and Robert S. Greenberger (Darrin Magee contributing). "Chinese Who Studied in the U.S. Undercut Dogmas at Home" The Wall Street Journal 3 November 1997: A24.

Professional Affiliations
Association of American Geographers
International Water Resources Association
Association for Asian Studies

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