The Faculty of HWS: American Studies

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Jeffrey Anderson    ext. 3438     212 Stern Hall
Professor of Anthropology (2008)
Ph.D. University of Chicago. 1994. (Anthropology).
M. A. University of Chicago. 1980. (Social Sciences).
B.A. Knox College. 1980. (Sociology-Anthropology).
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Elizabeth Belanger    ext.      
Assistant Professor of American Studies (2013)

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Iva E. Deutchman    ext. 3429     114 Stern Hall
Professor of Political Science (1987)
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
B.A., Hofstra University
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Laura Free    ext. 3554     109 Henry House
Associate Professor of History (2005)
Ph.D., Cornell University
M.A., Cornell University
M.A., Binghamton University
B.A., Grinnell College
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Kendralin Freeman    ext.      
Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Sociology (2011)
B.A., Case Western Reserve University, 2002
M.A., Emory University, 2008
Ph.D., Emory University, 2010

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Jack D. Harris    ext. 3439     215 Stern Hall
Professor of Sociology (1974)
Ph.D., Pennsylvania
M.A., Pennsylvania
B.A., Tulane
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Christopher Hatch    ext.      
Assistant Professor of Theatre (2010)
Ph.D., candidate, Theatre History, Theory, and Literature, Indiana University
M.F.A., Acting and Directing, University of Missouri - Kansas City
B.A., Theatre Arts, Pennsylvania State University
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DeWayne Lucas   Chair    ext. 3902     112 Stern Hall
Associate Professor of Political Science/Associate Dean of Faculty (2000)
Ph.D., Political Science, Binghamton University (SUNY)
M.A., Political Science, Binghamton University (SUNY)
B.A., Political Science,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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Joseph Mink    ext.      
Assistant Professor of Political Science (2011)

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Eric Patterson    ext. 3356     104 Demarest
Associate Professor of English and American Studies (1976)
Ph.D. Yale
M.Phil. Yale
M.A. Yale
A.B. Amherst summa cum laude
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James Sutton    ext.      
Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Sociology (2012)
Ph.D., Ohio State University
M.A., Ohio State University
B.A., California State University, Long Beach
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Kristen Welsh    ext. 3864     201 Smith Hall
Associate Professor of Russian (2002)
Ph.D.,Yale University
M.Phil., M.A., Yale University A.B., Brown University
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