The Faculty of HWS: Law and Society

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Scott Brophy    ext. 3377     Delancey House
Professor of Philosophy (1981)
Ph.D., University of Rochester
M.A., University of Rochester
B.A., Hobart College
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Matthew Crow    ext. 4625     
Assistant Professor of History (2012)
B.A., UC San Diego
M.A., Ph.D., UCLA
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Laura Free    ext. 3554     109 Henry House
Associate Professor of History (2005)
Ph.D., Cornell University
M.A., Cornell University
M.A., Binghamton University
B.A., Grinnell College
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Steven Lee   Chair    ext. 3379     Delancey House
Professor of Philosophy (1981)
Ph.D., York, Toronto
M.A., Delaware
B.A., Delaware
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Paul Passavant    ext. 3431     118 Stern Hall
Associate Professor of Political Science (1997)
Ph.D., Wisconsin at Madison
M.A., Wisconsin at Madison
B.A., Michigan
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