The Faculty of HWS: Developmental Studies

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Richard Dillon    ext. 3447     211 Stern Hall
Emeritus Professor of Anthropology (1976)
Ph.D., Pennsylvania
B.A., California, Berkeley
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Alan I. Frishman   Chair    ext. 3417     316 Stern Hall
Professor of Economics (1976)
Ph.D., Northwestern University
M.A., Northwestern University
Certificate in African Studies, Northwestern University
B.S., (mathematics) City College of NY (CUNY)
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Jack D. Harris    ext. 3439     215 Stern Hall
Professor of Sociology (1974)
Ph.D., Pennsylvania
M.A., Pennsylvania
B.A., Tulane
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Scott G. McKinney    ext. 3424     313 Stern Hall
Professor of Economics (1979)
Ph.D., Indiana University
B.A., Middlebury College
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