The Faculty of HWS: Cognition, Logic, and Language

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Eugen Baer    ext. 3300     Smith Hall
Dean of Hobart College and Professor of Philosophy (1971)
Ph.D., Yale
B. Bibl., Biblical Institute, Rome
Lic. Theol., Freiburg
Matura, Appenzell
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Scott Brophy    ext. 3377     Delancey House
Professor of Philosophy (1981)
Ph.D., University of Rochester
M.A., University of Rochester
B.A., Hobart College
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Carol Critchlow    ext. 3617     301.5 Lansing Hall
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science (1991)
Ph.D., Cornell
M.S., Cornell
B.A., Amherst
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David Eck   Chair    ext. 3398     313 Lansing Hall
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science (1986)
Ph.D., Brandeis
M.A., Brandeis
B.S., Allentown
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Paul E. Kehle    ext. 3037     Coxe Hall
Associate Professor of Education (2005)
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Indiana University, 1999
B.S., Philosophy, Beloit College, 1983
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Michelle Rizzella    ext. 3465     204 Gulick
Associate Professor of Psychology (1996)
B.A., SUNY at Stonybrook
M.A., University of New Hampshire
Ph.D., University of New Hampshire
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